Our Story 
Friendship -  Adventure -  Clean Agriculture

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Our story begins in 2018 travelling around Colombia and observing that coffee farms were silent. No life, no birds, no trees as a  consequence of pesticides & monocrops. 

This initiated a quest to find coffee producers that are doing things differently - producing quality with a net positive impact on the environment.

So in 2019, to understand the realities of farming deeply we worked on a rural organic coffee farm just before the rainy season. But we were out of luck, the storms rolled in and the power cut for nearly a week!

To charge equipment, we headed to the local village where there was a coffee roaster. This is where fortunes changed.


Conversing with the roaster in  bad Spanish lead to a phone call being made to the only English speaker in town, an American farmer by the name Paul Kevin Doyle. He had won the prestigious cup of excellence that year! And so a  friendship was built and we got to experience how some of the best coffee in the world is produced!

That's how we knew we'd stuck gold at Finca San Luis, beautiful coffee grown in a lush living ecosystem, 100% organically and Chetventure Origins was born!

Our Commitment

We will always honour our relationships with farmers and stick with them through thick and thin as they are our friends.  And where ever possible, we will always align with their plans by  investing into their infrastructure to improve flavour  and those agricultural practices  which improve the health of the environment and their workers. 

Thank you for reading and your support!