Welcome To The Final Deep Dive 

Here you will find explanations on the origins of the flavours during roasting (John Espetia) and on the farm (Omar Arango) 

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Quick Notes 

John Espetia On Roasting

  • Different cultures require different roasts

- in Colombia sweetness is emphasised and acidity sacrificed

- in Europe acidity and inherent characteristics are  emphasised 

  • There is a difference between the sweetness from the roasting and sweetness naturally found in the coffee. We wanted to emphasise the natural sweetness. ​

Omar Arango On Production 

  • Aerobic fermentations enhance florality and anaerobic particular fruit notes like passion fruit 

  • Organic production keeps all the microorganisms needed for fermentation alive 

  • So it's also important to keep forests and soils healthy to have all the flavour producing microorganisms around. 

  • The next step is for Finca San Luis to use its forest to find yeasts and bacteria that produce new flavours

  • Because of the structure of natural coffee (skin-pulp-bean) it takes much longer to dry

Outro From Me 

  • ​It's rare the farmer, roaster and us can all taste coffees and share notes together 

  • We will send your tasting notes and reactions back to the farmer and develop coffees that will impress you further

  • That's for being part of this  flavour, knowledge and heart driven community and building this piece of work!

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