Deep Brewing Dive With Angie Molina 

In this deep dive Angie Molina of Insignia Coffee, who we worked with to roast these coffees, explains the importance of acidity and how to approach brewing these coffees for maximum impact!

In the next deep dive we explore how these coffees were made from farm to roast

Quick Notes 

  • Water, temperature, grind and coffee:water  ratio are your big four categories when brewing

  • If your coffee is tasting dry try changing your water, especially for a less hard one (but not distilled, you want some minerals) 

  • We want to balance acidity with body and sweetness for a good cup

  • Grinding coarser highlights acidity and finer sweetness

  • The natural coffee is inherently sweeter so we want to use more water in the brew to open up the acidity and balance with sweetness

Brew recipes 

  • If you're brewing on a V60 rather than Origami then grind a bit courser at 780 microns = 26 on Commandante = brown sugar 

  • Adjust your grind to aim for the same brew times as in the recipes below 

  • For filter brews use water of 92 to 94 degrees or 2 mins from boil

  • Brewing on Aeropress uses the same principles for acidity (recipe below)


  • 15g of coffee for 240g of water (1:16 ratio)

  • First pour 50g

  • Second pour at 30 sec up to 150g 

  • Third pour at 1 min 30 sec up to 240g

  • Total brew time 2 min 30 sec to 3 min 


  • Same as washed but last pour up to 247.5 g for a ratio of 1:16.5


  • 15g of coffee for 255g of water (1:17 ratio) 

  • First pour 50g

  • Second pour at 30 sec up to 170g

  • Third pour at 1 min 30 sec to 255g

  • Total brew time 2 min 15  sec to 2 min 30 sec (natural coffee drains faster


Use these recipes as starting points and adopt the principles, however, depending on your taste preferences and equipment you may find variations better. 

So feel free to experiment! 

Top Tip

If you're brewing with hard water using a lower ratio of 1:12 to 1:15 may help avoid bitterness and then feel free to dilute to your preferred concentration after. 


  • Use 15g of coffee to a ratio of 1:14 (210g water)  for washed 1:15 for honey (225g water) and 1:16 for natural (240g water) at 88 Celsius  or pour from boiling into another container and use. 

  • Grind size should allow for the easy 20 sec press, usually medium course 

  • Use two filter papers

Recipe - not inverted

  • Add coffee to aeropress tube and 30g water, mix it up within first 10 sec 

  • At 30 sec add the rest of your water to the desired ratio

  • At 1 min 30 gently stir the top of the tube to knock down and floating coffee

  • At 1 min 40 sec gentle 20 to 30 sec press

  • Total brew time 2 min to 2 min 10 sec

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