Welcome To The Deep Dive !

In this section you will find three videos explaining what the horizontal tasting is, how to go about using your tasting sheets and how to do a Speciality Coffee Association  tasting at home!

Quick notes at the end too

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QuicK Notes

  • A horizontal tasting involves tasting different coffees from the same farm in the same year 

  • Look for contrast when tasting these coffees side by side - how do they differ from each other?  

  • Smell the coffee grounds and take notes of first impressions

  • Remember a coffee's flavour is evolving from when its hot, to warm to cool

  • The coffee will also evolve in your mouth from initial taste to after taste 

  • Look for texture, acidity and sweetness and take notes 

  • Big general impressions are good and there is no wrong answer

SCA cupping protocol:

1. You'll need 6 cups

- 3 cups (explained below) plus the cups you plan to make coffee in 

- one cup to keep some water to wash spoons

-second cup to put the foam you'll clean off the coffee

- third cup to spit into 

- four, five, six to actually make the three coffees

2. The amount of water to coffee is 1:18 

- the easiest way to do this is weigh in grams the amount of water that fits into a cup divide by 19. That's how many grams of coffee to use 

- medium fine grind 

- 2.5 table spoons is 10g 

3. Set your timer then add water of 94 degrees or just off boiling to the cups until full. 

4. Time 4 mins for brew (observe aromas) 

5. At 4 mins break up the foam on top and clean it off 

6. Get slurping!

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