How coffee is brewed on Finca San Luis

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Omar Arango Left, Chetan Bhatt Right brewing a cup at Finca San Luis

The terroir of Finca San Luis, Colombia, has flavours enriched with white flowers, tea, subtle sweet wood notes and plenty of stone fruit like peaches and plums. It's an elegant coffee that I began to understand better as I drank it on the farm, the way it's prepared by Omar Arango, the person who crafts this coffee. He himself likes a delicate touch on the palate, good separation of flavour and a type of brew you can enjoy all day without being hit by caffeine.

The V60 brew method for sharing:

  1. Freshly grind 15g of coffee relatively fine (24 clicks on a Commandante hand grinder)

  2. Take in the aromas

  3. Heat up 370ml of soft water to 90 degrees. The water should be quite soft.

  4. Rinse the filter with 100ml of hot water and add ground coffee to the filter

  5. Slowly add the water to the coffee grounds, first pour 70ml in a circular motion then 50ml at a time

  6. Each time adding the next 50ml after all the water has drained from the filter.

  7. And each time taking in the aromas

  8. The whole brew takes about 4 to 4.5 minutes. It's a light , complex and easy to drink brew.

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