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Omar Arango Double Trouble Flavour Profile 

Typica FSL:  Tropical aroma, yellow fruits. On the palate its mango,  apple,  black tea with a honey aftertaste. 

Exotic Mix: Floral, Sweet & Peachy Aroma. On the palate its stone fruits, black tea, hits of cola and a honeyed finish. 

How To Brew: 

As always the aim is to have little to no bitterness and a balanced acidity with good sweetness.  What we recommend below is a suggested starting point but please adjust your brew as we all have different water and apparatus. 

Water temperature 86 degrees Celsius.  15g of coffee, grind medium coarse (commandante 28). Three gentle circle pours of 50g, then up to 130 g, then up to 210g  waiting for the water to drain between pours. Then dilute the coffee by adding 60ml directly. Total brew time 3 - 4 minutes. Stir before drinking. 

Aeropress (vertical method) : 

Water temperature 82 degrees Celsius. 15g of coffee, grind medium coarse (commandante 28). First pour 40g and stir to wet all the grounds within first 10 seconds, then pour up to 240g and place plunger on top to seal (do not press) , the coffee should not drain. Wait up to 2 mins 30 seconds and press slowly to 3 minutes. Stir and enjoy.

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Flavour Profile

Sherry, bourbon barrel. vanilla, raisins, dark honey. Lingering creamy sweetness and black tea 

How To Brew: 

Instructions are on the packet but feel free to add more water to the brew. We've brewed 1.5 grams of flower with 200 grams of water and found a wonderful flavour. 

Also you can brew the same flowers up to 5 times. Please don't throw the flowers out after a single brew! You can keep drinking one dose all day!

Also if you experience any bitterness use cooler water down to 80 degrees Celsius. And feel free to experiment with different waters as this way you can emphasise different flavours. 


Coffee flower is a rare product as each flower must be harvested individually with tweezers within a 24hr window after pollination. Failure to be precise would lead to the destruction of the just fertilized embryo that will become a coffee cherry. Many farmers have lost their coffee harvest this way.

The flowers then undergo a process of gentle fermentation and drying, much like tea leaves, to bring out new rich flavours. 

Jose Posada, the farmer behind these flowers, experimented for 2 years utilising Chinese tea methods  before developing this exquisite flavour profile for us to try. 

Don't Be Fooled

Sometimes you may find a cheap bag of coffee flower. This is because the flowers were stripped from the tree after cutting it down for farm maintenance purposes.

This product is a feat of labour by the farmer and it's why he charges a premium we are happy to pay. 


Flavour Profile

Aroma is strawberry, gingerbread with cinnamon, banana & honey on the palate, tangerine acidity, creamy body. 

How To Brew: 

More of a classic Cheventure Origins brew. We will use a ratio of 1:18 with 15g of medium ground coffee (27 clicks commandante) and do 3 equal pours circular of 90 grams of water at 92 degrees Celsius. Allow water to drain between each pour. Total brew time 2 minutes 30 seconds. Try to be gentle and reduce agitation towards the end of the brew.

Use same recipe for French press  but all the full 270g of water at the beginning and wait 4 minutes. 

Aero press: 15 grams medium ground coffee (27 clicks) to 240 grams of water  (1:16 ratio) at 90 degrees Celsius. Press gently at 1 min 30 second.